Careers at Bald Bear Sdn Bhd

It was Confucius who said "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life". It's one of the reasons why Bald Bear Sdn Bhd was founded. Don't be mistaken, we work hard and sometimes it gets intense, but we love what we do here and it really feels like everyday is a joy.

Over here we pride ourselves in being passionate about our work and of the people we meet in our endeavors. We take each day as a learning experience to enrich ourselves and our future generations with what we gain from the music and the people.


Top 7 reasons why you'll love it here:

  1. Creativity and individuality is highly encouraged. No tie required. Unless that is part of who you are.
  2. The BBG team is full of friendly, fun, passionate and inspiring individuals who will be there for you all the way.
  3. It's a unique opportunity to learn, grow and thrive together with the company and be rewarded doing it.
  4. Job flexibility. If you're chasing the dream this is the best place to be.
  5. You'll meet a lot of like minded musicians along the way.
  6. Unique company culture. We are crazy.
  7. Awesome commissions and profit sharing. Earn more.


Our 3 criteria for joining the team:

  1. Must be passionate.
  2. Must love music.
  3. Must be passionate about music.


2 things you don't have to be to join us:

  1. Bald.
  2. A bear.


Here are the opportunities currently available at BBG:

  • Retail assistant (Part time) 5hrs x 4 days a week. Hourly rate + commissions.


For inquiries on the above jobs please contact us via e-mail at: